Customer Relationship Management

Flilo Solutions provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. The CRM delivers an easy way to manage your customers and to keep track of their demands. Search quickly to find customer information or pending requests where action is needed. View a complete history of inquiries, orders, updates and more. A CRM that provides a customer support solution which leads to a positive experience for your customers.

Your customers will have their own account credentials (email address and password) to login at your website. You no longer have to be tied up on phone calls. Customers may login to make changes or reach out to you online. If a customer does reach out by phone for assistance enter the information into the CRM in just a few clicks. Either way you offer support that is both personal and quick no matter the source.

A Custom Solution For Your Business

We will customize our CRM solution to your business needs. We will work closely with you to import any data required and customize the interface for ease of use. Designed to find the most important information on your customers quickly. Also create and manage user types to setup specific privileges for your employees.

Our CRM will enhance your client relationships and manage your business development opportunities. Our product can be customized to support any industry. Keep your customers happy and manage your day to day revenue with data on demand.

At Flilo Solutions we will provide the right solution for you.

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