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Grant Management Software

Applying for grants doesn’t have to be difficult. Our grant management software makes the whole process simple and accessible for applicants and grantmaking organizations. Non-profits and other community groups can submit grant applications online using a user-friendly interface that guides them through the entire process step-by-step. Counselors and municipal staff can then review applications, view budgets, and allocate grant money in a way that’s efficient, secure, and transparent.

You’ll be able to create custom notification emails to keep applicants in the loop at every stage of the process. Our grant management software is designed from the ground up to facilitate reporting and accountability, so you can be sure every penny is accounted for. And if you already have grant making processes in place, we’ll customize our app to work seamlessly with your existing systems and workflow.

Help Desk Software

Give your team the power to solve problems as soon as they occur. Our Help Desk system makes it easy for residents to report issues in their neighbourhoods or file complaints with government departments. The software is integrated with Google Maps, so users can pinpoint the exact location of the problem and alert your team. Municipal staff can then view issues and address them in real time. The whole process is designed for ease of use, and automated emails can be sent updating users on the situation as it unfolds.

Custom Software Development

Every municipality is unique, so our team creates custom applications designed to meet the needs of your community. We love developing elegant solutions to the new and evolving challenges that municipalities are facing today. From inventory management to data tracking and reporting, we offer a full range of solutions to help local governments succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Multitasking Made Easy

Our apps are designed to work together seamlessly. From a single login screen, you’ll be able to access whichever applications you need. Switching from Grants and Help Desk and back again is as simple as clicking a button, so you’ll be able to stay on top of multiple tasks without having to log in and out of separate applications. We design our applications for the ways our clients actually work, with a focus on efficiency and ease of use, so you’ll be able to get more done every day.


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